Specialised Stone Masonry Services

Specialised Stone Restoration Services in Dungannon

Rejuvenate your walls and fireplaces with proficient stone restoration services from our business in Dungannon, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. We also offer a full range of sandstone products to suit your needs.

Reliable Maintenance

Your local and cherished buildings need to be looked after, and our aim is to take ultimate care and consideration to these fragile structures. We keep what our ancestors have achieved in mind and bring buildings back to their former glory with our effective stonemasonry services.

First-Rate Restoration Services

There is no time wasted with our reputable business as we don’t have to go to an exterior supplier. Our team are able to do everything in-house which is considered rare in our industry. We provide basic cleaning and replacement of stones that have corroded due to the weather at affordable prices.

Contact us, in Dungannon, County Tyrone, to enquire about our stone restoration services.